defect manager provides is the best bug tracking software for the price. defect manager allows small and large companies to properly track bugs and defects in their products. defect manager helps companies ensure that all defects and bugs reported by their clients and staff are properly defined, prioritized, corrected, fixed and delivered. 

defect manager can help you create better quality products, deliver them on time, and give you a better relationship with your clients. 

whether you want  to upgrade from your existing excel spreadsheets, or stop wasting your precious staff on maintaining home-grown systems, our intelligent importers can import your existing defects and bugs for you.

defect manager runs on windows and from a web browser.  defect manager for the web, provides your off-site and out-sourced staff complete access to team information no matter where they are located. an invaluable tool for your employees who are at home covering 24 x 7 support. 

defect manager's benefits:

a complete solution
defect manager manages the complete development life cycle of product development through field deployment. an invaluable tool for management,  product development, quality assurance,  technical support and your clients. 

easy to use
you do not have to be the ultra-geek to use defect manger. defect manager is designed to be easy, to get up and running fast. 

just because we designed defect manager is easy to use,  we also added all the capabilities that complex development organizations need to be successful.

get your products out on time
defect manager will help your organize defects, enhancements and bugs, in way that suits your business needs. you will always know how close you are to completing products, projects or maintenance releases. 

increase the effectiveness of your staff
by prioritizing and assigning defects to your staff, you can project when certain fixes will be available for the clients that reported the defects.

increase the efficiency of your staff
by grouping similar defects by product area, your technicians can correct many problems in a particular area all at once.

increase the quality of your products
product bugs and defects will no longer unanswered and forgotten. your clients won't be encountering the same nagging problems release after release.

keep your clients with etechsupport
defect manager's etechsupport is a web based technical support system that comes ready to go right out of the box.  etechsupport allows you to easily enhance your companies web site with real time bug reporting, defect annotating, and real-time knowledgebase.  currently, etechsupport is a free add-on to defect manager. 

as your clients report high severity bugs and defects, defect manager  can alert your 24x7 staff (via emails and pages) no matter where they are. from an internet browser, your support staff can use defect manager, to resolve their issues.   

use  etechsupport to differentiate your products from you competitors, or  use it to offer your clients a higher priced support option.

adding integrated technical support to your site will drive your clients to your site.  create a deeper connection and rapport with your clients. we all know its hard to gain new clients, make it easier to keep yours your.

database independent
defect manager by default comes with the microsoft jet engine (access database). but defect manager supports  oracle and sqlserver databases as well.  why  use a proprietary database system for your data? why not use proven database technology developed and supported by database experts? use the database that your company already uses and understands. you can use any of these databases and the price per user is the same!

reduce support costs 
defect manager allows you to publish defects in the form of a searchable knowledge base. you determine which defects (and their resolution) will be part of the searchable knowledgebase. your clients can fix many of their own problems without ever having to call technical support. your clients can review that status of any of their defects online if you desire in a secure environment. defect manager keeps a complete audit trail of all activities associated with a defect. you will be able to determine whether you are properly serving your clients or not.

use defect metrics to help optimize your business
using some of the metrics that are gathered by defect manager, you can easily identify product areas that are the most are the most problematic, or which technical support person fixes the most problems, or which client is putting the largest drain on your support personnel, or what is the average number of days to fix a defect, etc. armed with this type of info, you can then take the appropriate action to correct the situation.

keep your technicians happy
employees work better when they know what is expected of them. with defect manager they can see and manage their work queues. they will know which clients problems are the most important that they need to fix.

built for large and small companies
defect manager is distributed in two options. the first option is the workgroup edition and the second is the enterprise edition. the workgroup edition is meant for a small group of users. the enterprise edition is designed for hundreds of users.

open system & compatible with all your favorite tools
defect manager does not use a proprietary database as the repository for all you defect information. our database schema is a normalized set of tables. you can use any odbc compliant tool of your choice for reporting and defect analysis. 

migrate from more costly solutions
if you like defect manager, we can help you convert from your existing solution to defect manager. this alone can probably save your company a lot of money. we have intelligent importers that migrate your existing data from other tools into the defect manager repository.

reasonably priced
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