tiera software was founded in 1997. the founders of tiera software, have been senior management executives in large software companies like on-line software, martin marietta, and computer associates.  in our careers, we have have worked with the majority of fortune 1000 companies.  

with over 20 years of experience in delivering world class software solutions, we know what it takes to build industrial strength software products that can scale as your company grows. our products are based on our extensive expertise in building successful products.

we build products to help you do y our job better and easier.

we realize that is is in your best interest to leverage your existing investment in technology that you currently use in production today. to this end, that is why we support so many databases and industry standards. why should you take the risk in using an unfamiliar database, or obscure technology, when you have invested thousands of dollars on industry standard databases such as oracle, ibm db2, sybase, sqlserver, ingres, and postgres.  

our products easily fit in with what you already have. 

if you need to contact us, use the following information. 

corporate address:

     tiera software, inc. 
     suite 632
     432 main street
     windermere, fl 34786

     toll free phone:  (866) 680 - 3223

     local phone:  (407) 876 - 8703
     fax: (407) 909 - 9349

corporate information: information@tierasoft.com

sales department: sales@tierasoft.com

investor relations: investors@tierasoft.com

marketing department: marketing@tierasoft.com

webmaster: webmaster@tierasoft.com


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